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Hello, my name is Ron DuPée and welcome to our “About Me” page. Consignment Arms USA was formally established in 2014 and is a highly specialized, one-of-a-kind (you'll see why later) consignment business that markets firearms only through GunBroker.com. They are hands-down the best place to buy or sell firearms—so why go anywhere else! From time to time I will add to and/or update this and all my other pages. But keep in mind, I’m no internet guru. I cut my teeth on face to face selling and customer service. No, I don’t have an enviable Web presence. But, my GB auctions show people what we do and how well we do it!


I wish I could brag to you that we've been in this particular business, doing things this way, for umpteen years, but I can't. The fact is nobody else can either! The procedural model for our consignment business does not yet exist in any other company! The reason why is they don't have me or someone with my total skill set (sorry about my bragging, but I have to sometimes)! Just because a company has been around a long time, it doesn't mean that it's a good one to do business with! Yes, we are a relatively new business, but we are anything but new, at sales, marketing, customer service, and the ins and outs of the gun world!


I've been buying and selling on Gunbroker for about as long as they've been around. And yes, I've been around awhile myself. I'm a second generation, Arizona native and a lifetime gun nut! Here's a little bit of my growing up history: I got my first gun when I was nine years old and boy was I excited! A Remington 514 single-shot .22lr—it was all Mom could afford. I put up a cheap gun rack at the head of my bed then turned the bed around to face it. The rack was purchased with S&H Green Stamps, remember those? I could fall asleep gazing at my most treasured possession and wake up planning my next adventure with it. I still have that rifle and it is just as valuable to me now!


From my GB start the thing that always amazed me was how much more I could get for my guns and stuff than what a market value search would indicate. OK, I really wasn't much amazed at that. What did amaze me was how many marketing mistakes were made by the (vast) majority of dealers and virtually all individuals. Let's face it, neither has much (if any) education in the psychology of sales! These mistakes irrefutably bring about lower/fewer bids…lower sales! It was early on that I started paying close attention to what, why, and how things were sold on GB. I noted any good, as well as bad things people were putting or not putting in their auctions. I've been doing this now, almost daily (seriously), for more than ten years. And ten years ago it hit me that my years of training in sales, marketing and customer service, plus my considerable knowledge of firearms, etc., would be an unbeatable combination in a consignment business! That was ten years ago…Ugh!


Yes, it's hard to believe it took so long to launch this business! But seriously, I had no decent business model (from the gun industry) to emulate—I still don't.  It took the better of two years, at significant cost, just to learn all about consignment in general and create all the forms, procedures, etc., that were pertinent to the consignment of firearms. Also, throw in some hellish family tragedies, financial set backs and…well, there you are ten years down the road. But, I never lost sight of what I wanted to create, what really needed to be created!


Among other things, I've created a consignment system that is absolutely NOT subject to “Conflict of Interest”! (Check out my Blog page). A system that will produce three smiling faces: the Consignor…the Consignee…and the buyer. The first two are obvious, but the buyer's delight over their new gun is just as important! And having “three smiling faces” is the only way I will do business! No, it unfortunately doesn't always work out that way, but I will truly strive for it in every one of our auctions!


Thanks again for reading “About Me”. I hope you’ll visit our Home page too. More to come when I get time.



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