I. Hello, we are absolutely your best solution for the most profitable and legal disposition of your client’s firearms!!! Of course you really want to do the best job for your clients by getting the most money for their valuable firearms—with the least amount of hassle for you! You don’t have to call a typical/traditional gun dealer and let him give your clients just pennies-on-the-dollar.

II. In business, everyone desires simple solutions that are fast and profitable! We offer an easy, turn-key service. It will (seriously) net your clients 300% to 500% more than any dealer would give them! In as little as one to four weeks, depending on the number of firearms—the proceeds will be in your hands. And you will smell like a rose to your clients.

III. In both our businesses, we have fiduciary relationships with our clients. And without a doubt, you should receive fair compensation on the amounts you bring in to the beneficiaries! So why should that pocket dealer profit so much—and make your clients unhappy? We sincerely strive to make three smiling faces: Your clients, you, and me too. In business, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

IV. Please give us a chance to go over the simple details—and you’ll see we really are your best solution for the handling and disposition of your client’s firearms! Thank you.


I. Truly professional marketing of large (or small) collections or estates. Auctions on the biggest & best place to buy and sell firearms: Friendly, straight-forward, and fast service. We only sell consigned firearms and accessories.

II. We have absolutely NO Conflicts of Interest (COI) that are virtually always found when dealing with pawn and gun shops! This is a really BIG item!!! My BLOG gives details and scenarios about their age-old unscrupulous, consignment practices! We won’t make you an offer on your guns, hence creating a COI, but we WILL sell them for you fast! And don’t trade in your guns, it will cost you big-time. Instead, consign with us then buy what you want on GB or anywhere else—with the extra cash!

III. Our marketing expertise (and low fees) assures much more money in your pocket than most (any) pawn and gun shop! They seldom have all the necessary gun, marketing, photography and sales no-how to attract the greatest number of buyers willing to pay the highest prices! Go to our RECENT SALES page then compare their consignment auctions to ours—you’ll see the difference!

IV. You won’t be subjected to the increasing legalities of the Dept. of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) or local authorities. Also, you’ll avoid the irritating shipping hassles of firearms. And the very serious risks of private selling direct to strangersis something nobody should do!!!

V. We’ll pick up your firearms or out-of-towners can quickly and easily ship your guns to us right from your door with our exclusive EasyShip® program.

VI. 1,200+ hours of training in sales and marketing, as well as other applicable educational pursuits. 42 years experience and a lifetime gun nut!  Proud life member of the NRA and other organizations. Go to my ABOUT-ME page to get to know us better.

Ron DuPée FFL                       602-359-8458


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